Life Insurance

If you're shopping for life insurance, chances are you're thinking about how to protect your family if anything happens to you. Life insurance is one of the few things you buy that isn't actually for you. It's for the ones you love. Here's what it can do:

  • protect your family
  • pay for funeral and burial costs
  • provide peace of mind for you and financial security for your family
  • be far more affordable than you think.

Life insurance 101

There are three main types of life insurance:

  • Term life insurance
    • Covers you for a particular period of time, called the "term"
    • Most affordable and popular type of policy
  • Whole life insurance
    • Permanent coverage
    • In terms of price, between term life and universal life
  • Universal life insurance
    • Permanent coverage
    • Costs the most, but provides ultimate flexibility and potential for investment profit
What is International and Travel Medical?

Perfect for vacationers and business travelers alike!

What is Short Term Medical?

If you are in need of temporary Medical coverage, we have a solution!

Finding and applying for a life plan has never been easier.

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