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AXIS Insurance Company
Legion Accidental Death & Dismemberment Plan 125K


Cost breakdown

Accident Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance


AFEUSA Association


PEP Benefit
(one time payment)


Initial total cost


Other non-insurance benefits included with this plan

Association for Entrepreneurship USA

This plan is only available to members of the Association For Entrepreneurs USA and the AFEUSA Association Dues is the monthly membership dues. Through your membership in AFEUSA, you will enjoy discounts on a variety of Health, Travel, Consumer and Business services. For more information regarding AFEUSA association and its benefits, please visit

Through your membership in AFEUSA, you will enjoy discounts on a variety of Health, Travel, Consumer and Business services.

Benefit is not insurance and is not affiliated with the Insurance Carrier.


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This benefit is not insurance and does not provide coverage, it only provides discounts and services.

Benefit is not insurance and is not affiliated with the Insurance Carrier.

Benefit details

The Company will pay the Benefit Amount for any one of the Covered Losses listed below, subject to all applicable conditions and exclusions, if the Insured Person suffers a Loss within the applicable time period specified in the Schedule of Benefits.

If the Insured Person sustains more than one Loss as a result of the same Covered Accident, the Company will pay the Benefit for the Loss for which the largest benefit is payable.

Primary insured principal sum


Time period for loss from date of covered accident

365 days

Loss of life

100% of the principal sum

Loss of two or more members

100% of the principal sum

Loss of one member

50% of the principal sum

Loss of thumb and index of the same hand

25% of the principal sum

Loss of four fingers of the same hand

25% of the principal sum

Limitations & exclusions

In addition to any benefit or coverage specific exclusion, benefits will not be paid for any loss which is caused by or results from any of the following unless coverage is specifically provided for by name in the Description of Benefits section:


  1. Intentionally self-inflicted injury, suicide or any attempt while sane or insane;
  2. Commission or attempt to commit a felony or an assault;
  3. Commission of or active participation in a riot or insurrection;
  4. Declared or undeclared war or act of war;
  5. An injury or Sickness that occurs while on active duty service in the military, naval or air force of any country or international organization. Upon Our receipt of proof of service, the Company will refund any premium paid for this time. Reserve or National Guard active duty training is not excluded unless it extends beyond 31 days;
  6. Flight in, boarding or alighting from an Aircraft except as a fare-paying passenger on a regularly scheduled commercial or charter airline;
  7. Travel in any aircraft owned, leased or controlled by the Policyholder, or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates. An aircraft will be deemed to be “controlled” by the Policyholder if the Aircraft may be used as the Policyholder wishes for more than 10 straight days, or more than 15 days in any year;
  8. Voluntary ingestion of any narcotic, drug, poison, gas or fumes, unless prescribed or taken under the direction of a Physician and taken in accordance with the prescribed dosage; 
  9. Medical or surgical treatment, diagnostic procedure, administration of anesthesia, or medical mishap or negligence, including malpractice, unless it occurs during treatment of injuries sustained in a Covered Injury;
  10. The Insured Person’s intoxication. The Insured Person is conclusively deemed to be intoxicated if the level in his blood exceeds the amount at which a person is presumed, under the law of the locale in which the accident occurred, to be under the influence of alcohol if operating a motor vehicle, regardless of whether He is in fact operating a motor vehicle, when the injury occurs. An autopsy report from a licensed medical examiner, law enforcement officers report, or similar items will be considered proof of the Insured Person’s intoxication;
  11. Aggravation or re-injury of a prior injury the Insured Person suffered prior to His Coverage Effective Date, unless the Company receives a written medical release from the Insured Person’s Physician; or
  12. Sickness, disease or bacterial infections, except infections that result from an Accidental injury, or infections that result from Accidental, involuntary or unintentional ingestion of a contaminated substance.


In addition, benefits will not be paid for services or treatment rendered by any person who is:

  1. employed or retained by the Policyholder;
  2. living in the Insured Person’s household;
  3. an Immediate Family Member of either the Insured Person or the Insured Person’s Spouse; or
  4. the Insured Person.

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