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Welcome to AgileHealthInsurance. Your use of our site and services is governed by these Terms and Conditions For each state that requires a license to conduct health insurance sales and services, we maintain our agency/broker licenses as set forth below. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at

HealthPocket, Inc.
d/b/a AgileHealthInsurance Agency (Florida License No. L096570)
3450 Buschwood Park Drive
Suite 200
Tampa, FL 33618

Health Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLC (Florida License No. L092013)
3450 Buschwood Park Drive
Suite 200
Tampa, FL 33618

Stateagency/brokerlicense #
AlabamaHealthPocket, Inc. d/b/a AgileHealthInsurance Agency759877
AlabamaHealth Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLC577674
AlabamaAgent of Record: Gerod Vernon3000279945
AlaskaHealthPocket, Inc. d/b/a AgileHealthInsurance Agency100131415
AlaskaHealth Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLC106357
AlaskaAgent of Record: Gerod Vernon100157784
ArizonaHealthPocket, Inc. d/b/a AgileHealthInsurance Agency1800015078
ArizonaHealth Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLC1800009859
ArizonaAgent of Record: Gerod Vernon18737145
ArkansasHealthPocket, Inc. d/b/a AgileHealthInsurance Agency100152889
ArkansasHealth Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLC100108069
ArkansasAgent of Record: Gerod Vernon18737145
CaliforniaHealthPocket, Inc. d/b/a AgileHealthInsurance Agency0L11552
CaliforniaHealth Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLC0I21968
CaliforniaAgent of Record: Gerod Vernon0M28726
ColoradoHealthPocket, Inc. d/b/a AgileHealthInsurance Agency507600
ColoradoHealth Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLC404048
ColoradoAgent of Record: Gerod Vernon564640
ConnecticutHealthPocket, Inc. d/b/a AgileHealthInsurance Agency2523531
ConnecticutHealth Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLC2409437
ConnecticutAgent of Record: Gerod Vernon2591491
DelawareHealthPocket, Inc. d/b/a AgileHealthInsurance Agency1407155
DelawareHealth Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLC1220184
DelawareAgent of Record: Gerod Vernon3000265453
District of ColumbiaHealthPocket, Inc. d/b/a AgileHealthInsurance Agency3092202
District of ColumbiaHealth Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLC2964439
District of ColumbiaAgent of Record: Gerod Vernon3000265388
FloridaHealthPocket, Inc. d/b/a AgileHealthInsurance AgencyL096570
FloridaHealth Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLCL092013
FloridaAgent of Record: Gerod VernonW055876
GeorgiaHealthPocket, Inc. d/b/a AgileHealthInsurance Agency190240
GeorgiaHealth Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLC169790
GeorgiaAgent of Record: Gerod Vernon3193403
HawaiiHealthPocket, Inc. d/b/a AgileHealthInsurance Agency439836
HawaiiHealth Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLC394585
HawaiiAgent of Record: Gerod Vernon470569
IdahoHealthPocket, Inc. d/b/a AgileHealthInsurance Agency574376
IdahoHealth Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLC418554
IdahoAgent of Record: Gerod Vernon661159
IllinoisHealthPocket, Inc. d/b/a AgileHealthInsurance Agency100765131
IllinoisHealth Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLC100505473
IllinoisAgent of Record: Gerod Vernon18737145
IndianaHealthPocket, Inc. d/b/a AgileHealthInsurance Agency3157712
IndianaHealth Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLC829612
IndianaAgent of Record: Gerod Vernon3324974
IowaHealthPocket, Inc. d/b/a AgileHealthInsurance Agency1002354347
IowaHealth Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLC1002140528
IowaAgent of Record: Gerod Vernon18737145
KansasHealthPocket, Inc. d/b/a AgileHealthInsurance Agency455293710
KansasHealth Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLC460580972-0
KansasAgent of Record: Gerod Vernon18737145
KentuckyHealthPocket, Inc. d/b/a AgileHealthInsurance AgencyDOI-915036
KentuckyHealth Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLCDOI-786463
KentuckyAgent of Record: Gerod VernonDOI-988899
LouisianaHealthPocket, Inc. d/b/a AgileHealthInsurance Agency693237
LouisianaHealth Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLC567058
LouisianaAgent of Record: Gerod Vernon777135
MaineHealthPocket, Inc. d/b/a AgileHealthInsurance AgencyAGN268187
MaineHealth Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLCAGN205501
MaineAgent of Record: Gerod VernonPRN306114
MarylandHealthPocket, Inc. d/b/a AgileHealthInsurance Agency3000005205
MarylandHealth Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLC2094058
MarylandAgent of Record: Gerod Vernon3000265348
MassachusettsHealthPocket, Inc. d/b/a AgileHealthInsurance Agency2159771
MassachusettsHealth Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLC20113868
MassachusettsAgent of Record: Gerod Vernon2053042
MichiganHealthPocket, Inc. d/b/a AgileHealthInsurance Agency109843
MichiganHealth Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLC98614
MichiganAgent of Record: Gerod Vernon18737145
MinnesotaHealthPocket, Inc. d/b/a AgileHealthInsurance Agency40478606
MinnesotaHealth Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLC40298492
MinnesotaAgent of Record: Gerod Vernon40568255
MississippiHealthPocket, Inc. d/b/a AgileHealthInsurance Agency15029254
MississippiHealth Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLC15020024
MississippiAgent of Record: Gerod Vernon10540668
MissouriHealthPocket, Inc. d/b/a AgileHealthInsurance Agency8380114
MissouriHealth Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLC8191669
MissouriAgent of Record: Gerod Vernon8435194
MontanaHealthPocket, Inc. d/b/a AgileHealthInsurance Agency100153395
MontanaHealth Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLC762026
MontanaAgent of Record: Gerod Vernon3000265438
NebraskaHealthPocket, Inc. d/b/a AgileHealthInsurance Agency100250839
NebraskaHealth Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLC100188101
NebraskaAgent of Record: Gerod Vernon18737145
NevadaHealthPocket, Inc. d/b/a AgileHealthInsurance Agency3158538
NevadaHealth Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLC831485
NevadaAgent of Record: Gerod Vernon3324862
New HampshireHealthPocket, Inc. d/b/a AgileHealthInsurance Agency2344085
New HampshireHealth Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLC2176839
New HampshireAgent of Record: Gerod Vernon18737145
New JerseyHealthPocket, Inc. d/b/a AgileHealthInsurance Agency1610786
New JerseyHealth Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLC1405119
New JerseyAgent of Record: Gerod Vernon1666529
New MexicoHealthPocket, Inc. d/b/a AgileHealthInsurance Agency1800011218
New MexicoHealth Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLC18000008924
New MexicoAgent of Record: Gerod Vernon18737145
New YorkHealthPocket, Inc. d/b/a AgileHealthInsurance AgencyN/A
New YorkHealth Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLCLA-1305774
New YorkAgent of Record: Gerod VernonLA-1499072
North CarolinaHealthPocket, Inc. d/b/a AgileHealthInsurance Agency1000478284
North CarolinaHealth Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLC1000242777
North CarolinaAgent of Record: Gerod Vernon18737145
North DakotaHealthPocket, Inc. d/b/a AgileHealthInsurance Agency2000156804
North DakotaHealth Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLC2000065266
North DakotaAgent of Record: Gerod Vernon18737145
OhioHealthPocket, Inc. d/b/a AgileHealthInsurance Agency1110136
OhioHealth Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLC966339
OhioAgent of Record: Gerod Vernon1185792
OklahomaHealthPocket, Inc. d/b/a AgileHealthInsurance Agency100258426
OklahomaHealth Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLC100136708
OklahomaAgent of Record: Gerod Vernon3000265440
OregonHealthPocket, Inc. d/b/a AgileHealthInsurance Agency100289020
OregonHealth Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLC100175121
OregonAgent of Record: Gerod Vernon18737145
PennsylvaniaHealthPocket, Inc. d/b/a AgileHealthInsurance Agency778933
PennsylvaniaHealth Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLC640581
PennsylvaniaAgent of Record: Gerod Vernon846057
Puerto RicoHealthPocket, Inc. d/b/a AgileHealthInsurance AgencyN/A
Puerto RicoHealth Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLC3000758840
Puerto RicoAgent of Record: Gerod Vernon3000265443
Rhode islandHealthPocket, Inc. d/b/a AgileHealthInsurance Agency3001505006
Rhode islandHealth Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLC2342561
Rhode islandAgent of Record: Gerod Vernon3000265476
South CarolinaHealthPocket, Inc. d/b/a AgileHealthInsurance Agency1911835269
South CarolinaHealth Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLC1908852053
South CarolinaAgent of Record: Gerod Vernon18737145
South DakotaHealthPocket, Inc. d/b/a AgileHealthInsurance Agency10018914
South DakotaHealth Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLC10015845
South DakotaAgent of Record: Gerod Vernon40478736
TennesseeHealthPocket, Inc. d/b/a AgileHealthInsurance Agency2334155
TennesseeHealth Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLC2137989
TennesseeAgent of Record: Gerod Vernon2396399
TexasHealthPocket, Inc. d/b/a AgileHealthInsurance Agency2115307
TexasHealth Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLC1789379
TexasAgent of Record: Gerod Vernon2283620
UtahHealthPocket, Inc. d/b/a AgileHealthInsurance Agency571309
UtahHealth Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLC418652
UtahAgent of Record: Gerod Vernon661000
VermontHealthPocket, Inc. d/b/a AgileHealthInsurance Agency3001511277
VermontHealth Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLC891121
VermontAgent of Record: Gerod Vernon3325115
VirginiaHealthPocket, Inc. d/b/a AgileHealthInsurance Agency140432
VirginiaHealth Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLC132625
VirginiaAgent of Record: Gerod Vernon1069647
WashingtonHealthPocket, Inc. d/b/a AgileHealthInsurance Agency921498
WashingtonHealth Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLC813017
WashingtonAgent of Record: Gerod Vernon977627
West VirginiaHealthPocket, Inc. d/b/a AgileHealthInsurance Agency100220300
West VirginiaHealth Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLC100139308
West VirginiaAgent of Record: Gerod Vernon18737145
WisconsinHealthPocket, Inc. d/b/a AgileHealthInsurance Agency3000693102
WisconsinHealth Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLC100191060
WisconsinAgent of Record: Gerod Vernon18737145
WyomingHealthPocket, Inc. d/b/a AgileHealthInsurance Agency312367
WyomingHealth Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLC230131
WyomingAgent of Record: Gerod Vernon365206

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