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Coronavirus Survey Findings: Testing, Mental Health and More

We’ve launched a series of surveys to capture the feelings, reactions and concerns of Americans during the coronavirus pandemic. The surveys have covered everything from economic impacts and healthcare, to health insurance options and telemedicine usage.

But our most recent survey was the most comprehensive one yet, gathering COVID-19 insights from 1,100 respondents of all ages. Topics included:

  • Testing and vaccines
  • Social distancing and mental health
  • The senior (ages 65+) population
  • Healthcare and health insurance
  • Economic Impacts

Coronavirus Survey Findings

COVID-19 Testing and Vaccines

  • 92% of respondents think a COVID-19 vaccine should be free for everyone.
  • 78% would get a COVID-19 vaccine.
  • 74% would use a mail-in COVID-19 testing kit.
  • 64% feel a COVID-19 vaccine should be required.
  • 45% think there is a cure for COVID-19.
  • 46% know someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.
  • 25% know someone who has died due to complications from COVID-19.
  • 15% have tried to get tested for COVID-19 but couldn’t.

COVID-19, Social Distancing and Mental Health

  • 76% of respondents claim that their alcohol consumption has not increased during the pandemic.
  • 66% feel they are handling social distancing better than their parents.
  • 65% report no change in their relationship with a spouse or partner.
  • 42% participate in virtual happy hours with friends, family and coworkers.
  • 41% say that their overall mood hasn’t changed during the pandemic.
  • 37% feel more stressed working from home during social distancing orders.
  • 24% would consider purchasing a telemedicine plan just for virtual visits with a therapist.
  • 21% are struggling to work full time while caring for their children.
  • 10% have begun speaking with a therapist during the pandemic.

COVID-19 and the Senior Population

  • 39% of respondents say their children are video chatting with their grandparents now more than ever.
  • 33% think seniors with a Medicare Advantage plan who contract COVID-19 are getting better healthcare.
  • 23% have a senior relative living in a nursing home and are considering bringing them into their homes.
  • 23% of respondents said they know someone on Medicare who has tried telemedicine.

COVID-19 and Healthcare

  • 56% of respondents feel those who have insurance receive better care than those without insurance after testing positive for COVID-19.
  • 40% feel that the government should be responsible for ensuring people have health insurance during a health pandemic.
  • 40% have avoided going to a hospital for a health problem other than COVID-19 due to fear of contracting the illness.
  • 31% have used telemedicine during the pandemic.
  • 30% have had to physically go to a doctor’s office during the pandemic.
  • 17% have put off an elective surgery.

COVID-19 and Economic Impacts

  • 68% of respondents do not know their health insurance options if they were to lose coverage.
  • 46% think “Medicare for All” would be the best health insurance option for those who are uninsured.
  • 22% know someone who has lost his or her health insurance during the pandemic.
  • 8% have lost their health insurance during the pandemic.


These survey results were gathered through an online poll of more than 1,000 Americans between the ages of 18-64. The poll was conducted from May 5, 2020 to May 7, 2020, gleaning representative samples from each state based on population.

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